A little update on the alternator thing. Brought my car in to kern today, and the rebuild alternator was sitting ready to be installed. As he was starting to unplug the old one he noticed that a terminal was dirty, so he cleaned it out, then tested it, and it was putting out 13 volts or amps or whatever it is it puts out. This was more than it put out before, it was just the right amount. So did he do what a lot of other garages would do and go ahead and push the new alternator on me and charge me 3-4 hundred to install it. Nope he didn’t, he close the hood and said you should be good now, and let me go, no charge. Have you ever seen the like, that is refreshing for the soul to find that kind of honesty. One day at a time.



Ever notice how when everyone is giving thanks to “the people in uniform “. Police, military, medical ect. The list goes on and on. But you never ever, ever hear anyone thank security guards, you know, the people that patrol your buildings and parking lots. The people you go to for help if you have lost something or just need help. The people that work long hours for a nothing wage and no pension or little to no benefits. The people that try to break up fights or ask the person in the hotel room next to you to keep it down. The people that work socials. And preform a million other job to help there community and protect your property. The people that try to ensure rock concerts and events are safe and people move smoothly. The people with out any form of personal protection, working alone at night. No gun, Batton, cuffs, pepper spray, nothing. Guess security guards just don’t count.


Winter in the prairie of Canada is not the easiest thing in the world. It is a yearly test of human endurance and a gauntlet every car has to try to survive. As a guy that is incredibly dependent on his older car to get to work as a slightly more than minimum wage security guard. I have only been able to survive this winter due to the help of others. They will of course probably never see this post, and that Is just way i like it. But i have a small list of names of people i would like to thank.

Grace the nurse at work, that give me a ride up town to try get my fob fixed, and who gave me a boost when my battery was dead. Thank you.

Sandy. For the boost. Thank you.

To the guy across the street that give me a boost with out having to be asked. Thank you.

To the guy that gave me a boost at work. Thank you.

To the guys at wash and wrench especially kern. Thank you, for giving it an honest shot to keep my car running. An hopefully the alternator I’m getting replaced tomorrow with a rebuilt one, does the trick.

To my landlady that lets me plug in my car, even though there’s a small oil leak. Thank you.

To Ray, a guy i used to work with. Thank you for the boost ray and for offering me an extension cord to plug my car in. When mine got stolen from the passenger seat of my car at work.

To st Jude and my angel thank you for helping.

To Marcia. For just everything. Thank you.

And the list goes on and on. Just way to many people to mention. This is just a fraction of what it took to make sure I could make it to work every day. There just isn’t enough paper to name everyone. But just the same thank you, you all know who you are.

Funny thing is, I found is that, every time something new comes along. Rather than erode any semblance of faith I may have in heaven or people, it just seems to make it stronger. (Who knew). And even if the car never gets fixed, some how, I just know that if I can just relax and believe. God will make it work somehow. The trick i think is to do what I can, and take help when it offered or available. And when everything else is exhausted just kick back and God will take care of it. But I have to do my bit first and endure.


Every thing that exists is dependent on something else. Even God, or the self aware conscious interactive universe is dependent on something, dependents, is the glue binding every thing together. The being that creative everything has chosen to be dependent, so that it may interact and be a part of all that it has created. The universe and all that is, is powered by self/selfishness, frustrated by its dependents on others.

Happy thought to brighten your day

If you’re existing served no purpose. The universe would have dropped a tree on your head, or you would fall a split your head wide open or get hit by lightning on a sunny day. As long as the universe has a use for you, it’s obligated to insure you have just enough food water shelter ect. Just enough to keep you breathing and hoping. Other wise trust me, you’d be worm food right now, or overtime for some city workers, that has to work a stat to bury your carcass.

Just a little comforting happy thought to ring in the new year.

No need to thank me, my pleasure.

So relax and smoke em if you have em and drink it if you can get away with it.

Population growth

It seems, if I’m reading the paper correctly, that many countries are suffering from a lack of growth in population. And they are wanting to find ways to increase there populations rather then bring in immigrants. The simplest solution to my simple mind is to increase working wages for males. Why males you ask? Because a man with money is a man with confidence and drive, men with money, spend money, with the primary drive being to impress a female. When a female has been attracted, she then has control over his spending habits. Which means buying a house a car and all the trappings that come with a family. No young man has ever said, I think I’ll settle down and give up the wild life to take on the burden of 2-3 kids, or house and car payments with out the influence of a female. Females just seem to mature quicker, having a clearer vision for the future. Males need to have more disposable income, to have the confidence necessary for approaching and impressing or seducing females. For males there work and money is there identity. Without that sense of control and purpose males are impotent.